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This web page is an ongoing, infinite garden tale. I write about life in my garden, everyday stories, and how to blend and use colors to enhance. How to plant fantastic trees that flower or have spectacular bark. I show how to collect seeds and how to make them grow. And I give some recipes when inspired as well.

Flowering trees are the most beautiful sculptures, constantly changing. Their gift to nature and people are like jewels—a feast for the eyes and extremely valuable.

by Blue

Welcome; I am so happy you are here with me.

I am Blue Jardim the author.

the almost maintenance-free garden

Do you dream of an exciting and eye-catching garden all year round but don’t have the time to maintain it, or is it a big gardener? Then this book is for you.
The almost maintenance-free garden is a book that inspires you to establish a beautiful garden that is pleasant to stay in, invites you to enjoy moments, and is easy to maintain.
The book inspires how you can decorate your garden with cozy nooks and crannies in which trees, shrubs, and flower species are decorative and do not require extensive attention through the seasons.
You will also find a carefully prepared list of different trees, shrubs, and plants divided according to which season they e.g., flourishes most or works best in interaction with nature.
The book is based on my passion for various trees, shrubs, and gardens. There is a focus on combinations of colors and highlighting the garden’s elements in the best possible way.
The book is created to inspire you, whether you have green fingers or not.
Best regards

Blue Jardim

image of e-book the almost maintenance free garden
image of the e-book, the almost maintenance-free garden