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With the new and inspiring garden book “The almost maintenance-free garden,”

you will be taken on a new journey into the world of soil, water, sunshine, trees, and plants. You will open your eyes to the unique perspective that having a well-designed and colorful garden does not have to be time-consuming or challenging to maintain. In fact, a lovely garden can run itself as long as you choose the right plants and trees.

Trees and shrubs minimize your maintenance time and increase enjoyment to 365 days a year. Trees that flower or have incredibly beautiful bark and leaves. There is so much inspiration in the book, which is divided into months so you can find something beautiful in all months, A tribute to nature.


In the almost maintenance-free garden, you can find plenty of inspiration to appreciate your native natural plants and trees and many exciting ones that have been imported for their beauty.

It is not enough to have a lovely garden that is easy to maintain; the book also emphasizes having a wild and exuberant garden where there is room for insects and other animals to live freely and generously. As well as to benefit so that the entire environment can function in the best harmony and includes, among other things, Forget me not, self-heal, wild garlic, deadnettles, Violaceae, speedwell, Tufted Vetch, and others.


I let nature into my garden, and there is always grain for passing deer.


There are no weeds, only beautiful wild plants. Much of what we grow here are considered weeds in other countries, so weeds are simply wild plants.

With the book The almost maintenance-free garden, you will rediscover green inspiration and get the best tips and tricks on designing and developing a stunning garden that is not only beautiful and colorful but also does not require a lot of work and time consumption. In other words, surround yourself with the most beautiful nature, de-stress and enjoy the healing vibrations that nature gives you.


Do you dream of an exciting and eye-catching garden all year round

but don’t have time to maintain it, or are you not a skilled gardener? Then this book is for you.

The almost maintenance-free garden is a book that inspires you to establish a beautiful garden that is pleasant to relax in, invites you to enjoy moments, and is easy to maintain. The book provides inspiration for arranging your garden with cozy nooks, trees, shrubs, and decorative flower species that do not require much attention throughout the seasons.


You will also find a carefully prepared list of trees, shrubs, and plants divided according to which season they flourish or work best in interaction with nature.

The book is based on my passion for various trees, shrubs, and gardens in general. There is a focus on combinations of colors and highlighting the garden’s elements in the best possible way.

The book is created to inspire you, whether you have green fingers or not.

Best regards, Blue Jardim


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